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Selected Products With Strict Quality Standard; Products Recognized By Taste & Quality; 50% Of Production To More Than 60 Countries; The Best Cuts With The Taste You Trust; Slaughtering Over 500 Thousand Birds A Day.

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Welcome To Copacol - Cooperativa Agroindustrial Consolata

We Are Proud To Bring You What We Do Best, And Many Thanks For Inspiring Us Every Day To Do Better

Valuing Food Security Of The Products We Commercialize, Respecting The Cultures And Enhancing The Life Quality Of All People, Copacol Operates More Than 33 Years Now In The Foreign Market With Frozen Chicken, Beef, Turkey Pork Products.

Our quality is guaranteed with a modern poultry production system fully integrated, which allows the traceability of the field to the final product, ensuring the high quality of our portfolio. Contact The Top Brazil Wholesale Frozen Chicken Exporter Today For A Quote

Brazil Frozen Chicken Supplier

Copacol Purposes

By 2023, several actions will be carried out aimed at adding value to the Cooperative's products, increasing the productivity of the cooperative's activities, the individual development of employees, encouraging education, sports and culture, as well as strengthening the Copacol brand (Wholesale Frozen Chicken Exporter) and satisfaction of customers.


Offering The Best Products With Lightness & Flavor, Through An Exemplary Ecosystem, Which Cooperates With Producers & People.


Ethics and Honesty, Responsibility, Respect for Differences, Exemplary Human Relationships

Wholesale Frozen Chicken Exporter


Develop Cooperation Actions in Agribusiness, Continuously Seeking Excellence in Products & Services, Providing Customer Satisfaction.


To be Recognized As The Food Brand That Most Cooperates With People All Over The World.

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Wholesale Frozen Chicken Exporter

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